A garage door is a large door at the entrance of a garage which can either be operated manually or with the use of a motor known as garage door opener. Garage doors are manufactured from materials such as aluminium, wood, steel, vinyl, copper and glass. A garage door is meant to serve as an intrusion barrier for the safety of your automobiles. A garage door like every other house doors works just fine until it unexpectedly malfunctions (with or without prior warnings). Garage door malfunctions include failure to open or lock the door, old or distorted lock. Garage door repairs are done by expert repairers but there are some basic DIY tips in fixing garage doors. Services rendered by a garage door repairer include repairing or replacing the following: rollers, cables, springs, latches, hinges, garage door opener. These services are also usually available at emergency situations. However, when your garage door creates panics in you, there are some simple and basic repair tips that can help you tackle the situation before a professional repairer is invited during the garage door repair.

Basic DIY Garage Door Repairs

When you are having difficulties with pulling up, down or over during garage door repair, it is advisable to first take a look at the rollers and track lifts. The function of the rollers and track lifts is to give the garage door a smooth movement vertically and horizontally. There are three types of track lifts based on functionality: standard, vertical and high track systems. These aforementioned garage door parts require lubrication and cleaning to remove accumulated dirt or debris during garage door repair. So, clean your rollers and tracks with a solvent that can penetrate. Then, lubricate the rollers with oil. To remove rust, the rollers can be immersed in kerosene and brushed up afterwards. It is very important to fix faulty rollers because the entire weight of the garage door lies on them when opened. To avoid further damage to the door, you may want an expert technician to take a look at it.

However suppose the door is bigger and smaller than an average, you may have hard time in fitting panels on this. In such case, it is good to entrust insulation project to the professional service. They will customize polystyrene panels as per your door specifications. In this way you will ensure the garage entrance is rightly insulated as well as energy efficient. Added benefit of the professional installation is it also will improve appearance of the door.

Insulated Garage Doors
Suppose you have old door or plan to upgrade and replace this, you may have to choose the insulated door. This type of the doors are well designed to withstand the exposure to the elements, as well as reduce the thermal exchange between the garage and rest of your house. In order, to get the idea on how well the insulated garage door will protect space inside your garage as well as house, check R-value. The reputable manufacturers of the insulated garage doors will specify R-value of the products.