Common Garage Door Issues That Can Be Repaired Easily


Your garage door plays an important role in security of your property. Unluckily just like any component, the garage door does faces some issues after a while. It may be annoying when your garage door just don’t work right. Though there are some issues you can solve by yourself, you may need to contact a garage door repair professional to perform proper repairs in order to get your door back in proper shape. You don’t need to replace your entire door as a few repairs can have your garage door functioning as great as a new one.

1. Broken door spring – The daily usage of a garage door can result in damage and breakage of the garage door springs. You may notice a sticky garage door or a garage door that moves unequally or appears to move from one side to another when the springs are broken down. The springs should be of same stretch and length to continue providing good services. Let the garage door repair professionals offer you a broken spring repair service and you’ll have the door working right to avoid any more damage and risk.

2. Sticky door – The issue can take place no matter whether the door is being closed or opened. If you’ve a remote controlled garage door, then you may wish to first check the switches, remote battery and sensors before any other thing. For a manual door, it is a problem that occurs usually when the wheel tracks are obstructed. Chuck out any debris which could be causing this obstruction. It’s also significant to keep in mind that temperature and weather can have a great effect on lubricant and it’d therefore be useful to lubricate the tracks. If the issue persists, then call an expert to look further and provide a solution.

3. Loud noises – Loud screeching, squealing and grinding sounds when opening or closing the garage door are quite common and they could be as plain as lack of lubrication and stuck dirt and debris on the track. You might have to clean the whole tracks and lubricate them to enjoy smooth working of the garage door. There are unique garage door oils which you can utilize to solve the issue, but you can call the experts always if you’re still concerned and worried that there may be an additional issue.

4. Faulty door opener – It’s a very common issue with the garage doors. In case your remote control fails to work, then it can be the switches and batteries, but if they’re in good condition, then the cables and tracks may need a check. A few worn out gears may need replacing or some slight adjustments may be all that the door requires to quickly get back to proper functionality. Garage door’s opener repair is among the several services that you could enjoy from your dependable services company.

5. Dented panels – The dents on your doors are expected and you’ll need to get a professional garage door repair company to fix them. The garage doors are made differently and their panels can include layers hence there is a need to let professionals do the fixes in order to avoid more damages.